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Sketches of Sad Girls - ZiZinG

"'Frozen - Elsa doodle' by Lehanan Aida - ZiZinG(Sad Girl Sketch)"

"Cool Girl Standing alone Sketch - ZiZinG"

"Sketch of Crying alone Girl, sitting beside Wall"

"Little Girl in Rain Trying to Stop her umbrella from Wind Sketch - ZiZinG"

"Girl Standing alone in Rain never Wall Sketch - ZiZinG"

"Shadow of Sad Girl in Glass Sketch - ZiZinG"

"Sad Women Sketch, having deep pain in her eyes - ZiZinG"

"Sad Girl Sketch, having Hear on her body - ZiZinG"

"Sketch of Girl, Having light Colors in her Sketch give sadness in Colors - ZiZinG"

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