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Sketches and illistrator of Rain ~ It's ZiZinG

Hello, I m back with few very Awesome Sketches of Rain. 
There are two kind of people. 1st one are those who wet in rain.
2nd  kind is those who feel happiness and sadness in rain. :)

"By Violet Spy
Rain... Sketch "

"By bramLeech"
It was raining, so the theme was moody rain. I did not have any strong feeling while painting this, just let my hand do his job. But after the session, i had a stronger feeling, very much similiar to the feeling when i was painting [link] . I was a great experience tho, i had a new direction after doing this painting. 

Why is this poor fella standing in the rain? Is he waiting for someone? or something? or something from someone? I have always love the feeling of rainy days, i remember i used to sitting on my bed, staring at the sky or the street when i was raining when i was younger and staying at my sister's house's guest room. 

Never give up, don't make giving up your habit. We can change what we don't like and get the life when want as long as we work hard enough. Life is full of hopes.

"Rain By Skia"
I think we all know this feeling sometimes, don't we?

"Rain By Tatsumaru Kageryu"
A girl standing in the rain. Pretty depressing picture.

IN The Rain...
"By mayshing"

by BaxiaArt

"By nicktheartisticfreak"
This is kind of a test. a drew a figure walking, then added the rain which is white acrylic ink. after scanning the piece of cardboard i made everything, but the rain, black. this left me with a cool effect, i think. it brings sin city to mind. i would really like to hear your guys thoughts on this and what might make it better. i will tell you that the white mess up top, was an accident ...then i tried to fix it. 
any comments and critique are appreciated.

"Singing in the Rain
By Snow katt"

"By Mikeinel"

"By Samanthe Whitten"

That's all for today. I try my best to name real creaters of this Art. I hope every one like it.
Still for next time. Bye Bye... And Enjoy Raining.. 
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